The Story of the Name


Many people have asked me where the name Julienna came from. So here goes. I have told several friends and family members that I had the family patent on the name Julienna since 1989 which was reserved in the event I had a daughter.

While driving to SJSU I was tuned in to a local radio station and heard the name Brianna and kept saying that name thinking it might be a good middle name if it was changed to Brianne. So now that I have a middle name, I couldn't be content until I had the first name.

I met up with Barbara later that day in the library at SJSU to study for our Finals. I told her that I had the middle name and we began brainstorming on the first name. I started scratching out all kinds of names all stemming around the name Julie but that wasn't right and it seemed too plain with a common last name like Taylor. It needed something different, something unique. I also wanted to give her the flexibility of the name in case she wasn't happy with it. Julienna can lend itself to many nicknames and it is a solid name to go with Brianne. Julienna Brianne Taylor.

So there it is.....the story of the name.