Past Pictures of the Month


File Name Month Caption
Emily's_pool_2.jpg Oct - Jan Hot tub time at Emily's pool.
Panther_party_3.jpg Oct - Jan Julienna receives her Panther trophy from Coach Joel & Rich.
Science_Project.jpg May - Sept Julienna shows off her 1st place science project.
Ghost_Busters.jpg May - Sept Julienna & Kyle prepare for laser tag battle.
Birthday_slide.jpg Jan/Feb/Mar/Apr Julienna celebrates her 7th birthday at MVP Arena.
J_meets_Gretzky.jpg Jan/Feb/Mar/Apr Julienna meets her puppy Gretzky.
Pluto_autograph.jpg December Pluto poses with Julienna after an autograph.
Minnie_&_girls.jpg December Minnie takes a picture with the girls and Daddy.
ToT_crew_2006.jpg November Julienna with her Trick-or-Treat crew.
Steel_horse.jpg November Julienna riding the horse at Savannah's 1st birthday party.
Zoo_uniforms.jpg Oct Natalie & Julienna try on their zoo outfits in Denver.
The_name.jpg Oct Julienna spells her name on the board.
KP_2.jpg June/July/Aug/Sept Julienna poses at the entrance to Happy Hollow.
Marble_Slab_eat.jpg June/July/Aug/Sept Julienna eats ice cream on a school field trip to Marble Slab.
All_the_Mickeys.jpg May At the World of Disney store posing with all the Mickeys.
J_&_classmate_Ashley.jpg May Julienna sits with Taylor & Ashley at the Young Authors fair.
BN_book_read.jpg April Mommy reads a book to Julienna at Barnes and Noble.
Kyle_bday_game.jpg April Julienna plays a game at Kyle's birthday breakfast.
Valentine_nose.jpg Feb/March Julienna & Anabella having fun on Valentine's Day.
With_Sharkie.jpg Feb/March SJ Sharkie takes a bite out of Julienna before a Sharks game.
Blue_bike.jpg Dec/Jan Julienna riding her gift from Santa.
denver_snow_girls.jpg Dec/Jan Julienna & Anabella enjoy the Denver snow.
37_Bday_cake_girls.jpg Oct/Nov Julienna & Anabella celebrate Mommy's birthday.
What's_that.jpg Oct/Nov Julienna & Anabella looking at the toy air balloon.
K_school_bus.jpg Sep Julienna boards the school bus for her 1st day at Kindergarten.
Ear_cups.jpg Sep Julienna displays the new ear optional.
Pleasanton_fair_dragon_ride.jpg July/Aug Julienna & her cousins pose on the Dragon ride in Pleasanton.
Sister_stand.jpg July/Aug Julienna helps her sister stand.
Golden_Ears_Girls.jpg June Julienna & Anabella pose with their gold ears at Disneyland.
Cousins_L'il_Scrambler.jpg June Julienna & cousin Natalie get ready for the Li'l Scrambler at KBF.
Easter_bunny.jpg Apr/May Julienna & Anabella sit with the Easter Bunny.
Oakridge_closeup.jpg Apr/May Julienna takes a moment while playing at Oakridge Mall.
Michelle's_reception_conga_line.jpg March Julienna dances in a conga line at Michelle's reception.
PUshup on carpet.jpg March Julienna performs a push-up on the carpet.
5th_bday_cake_lit.jpg Feb Julienna celebrates her 5th birthday at home.
Topaz_lodge_room.jpg Feb Julienna & Ashley color in our Topaz Lodge room on her birthday.
J_feeding_A.jpg Dec/Jan Julienna feeds her baby sister Anabella.
Unwrap_smile.jpg Dec/Jan Julienna unwraps presents on Christmas day.
Halloween_Wanda.jpg Oct/Nov Julienna goes Trick or Treating at Great America and sees Wanda.
Patch_family_2004.jpg Oct/Nov The Taylors visit the Morgan Hill pumpkin patch.
Bumper_Boats_wave.jpg Aug/Sep Julienna & Larry challenge Kirk & Natalie (behind) at bumper boats.
Crab_walk.jpg Aug/Sep Julienna crab walks during her gymnastics recital.
ToK_Dinner.jpg July Family poses during the Tournament of Kings dinner in Las Vegas.
Holding_Birdie2.jpg July Julienna feeds a bird at Bonfante Gardens.
Great_Grandchildren.jpg June Julienna and cousins celebrate Great Grandma's 80th birthday.
Final_Soccer_Game.jpg June Julienna poses before her last Blue Sharks soccer game.
oceanside_Sand_Castle.jpg Apr/May Julienna builds a sand castle at a San Diego beach.
Ballerina.jpg Apr/May Julienna in action at her ballerina class.
Blow_out_4_candles.jpg Feb/March Julienna celebrates her birthday dinner at Red Robin.
Birthday_Hockey_Game.jpg Feb/March Julienna poses with Daddy after a Blizzard game on his birthday.
Downtown_WDW.jpg Nov/Dec/Jan Julienna stops at Downtown Disney in Walt Disney World for a photo.
Reception_roses.jpg Nov/Dec/Jan Julienna holds some roses at Mark's wedding reception in Florida.
Natalie_bunny_ears.jpg Oct Julienna gives cousin Natalie some bunny ears in Denver.
Danny-Julienna_pose.jpg Oct Julienna & Danny pose at mini-golf in Reno.
Sparkler.jpg July/Aug/Sep Julienna makes big circles with her sparkler.
Graduation.jpg July/Aug/Sep Julienna graduates from pre-school.
1stdayschool6.jpg May/June Julienna puts a puzzle together on her 1st day at pre-school.
Egghunt2003.jpg May/June Julienna shows off her basket of eggs.
3rd_bday_pose.jpg J/F/M/A Julienna poses with her 3rd birthday cake.
Sandlot.jpg J/F/M/A Julienna admires the sandlot at California Adventure.
Porch_pumpkins.jpg Nov/Dec Pink Princess Julienna sits with her pumpkins on the porch.
Her_cookies.jpg Nov/Dec Julienna displays her pumpkin cookies.
On_pumpkin.jpg Oct Julienna takes a break at the Morgan Hill Pumpkin Patch.
With_Minnie.jpg Oct Julienna visits Minnie at Disneyland.
In_fridge.jpg Sept Julienna tries to hide in the refrigerator.
Pink_car.jpg Sept Julienna races around the track at Bonfante Gardens.
Crayons.jpg July/Aug Julienna shows off her coloring talents.
Watching_fireworks.jpg July/Aug Julienna watches the fireworks in Union City with her cousins.
36_inch_smile.jpg June Julienna measures in at 3 feet at the Children's Discovery Museum.
Putt-putting.jpg June Julienna watches her putt go past the hole at Golfland.
Tiger_Taylor.jpg May Julienna takes a swing at golf.
Raspberry_tub.jpg May Julienna makes raspberries in the bath tub.
Egged.jpg Apr Julienna gets nailed with a confetti Easter egg.
Making_tortilla.jpg Apr Julienna makes a tortilla in her kitchen.
Blow_dryer.jpg Mar "I have a blow dryer and I'm not afraid to use it!"
Sneaky_look.jpg Mar "If they only knew what I just did."
Put_me_in.jpg Feb Julienna gears up for the Raider Nation
Jeep_pose.jpg Feb Posing in her new Jeep
Julienna&cake.jpg Jan Julienna admires her 2nd Birthday cake
Stylin.jpg Jan Julienna in her "stylin" gear
Tree_Barrell.jpg Dec Julienna shops for a Christmas tree
Somersault.jpg Dec Julienna performs a somersault
Trick_or_Treat.jpg Nov Trick or Treating at Valley Fair Mall
Lifting_pumpkin.jpg Nov Julienna selects her pumpkin in Morgan Hill
Baby_in_jail.jpg Oct One of the inmates at the Knotts Berry Farm jail
Toon_car_side.jpg Oct Julienna relaxing in the Toon Town car
Denver Zoo rock.jpg Sept Julienna and Natalie posing at the Denver Zoo
Dodgers-As game.jpg Sept Julienna smiling during the Dodgers/A's game
Kickin_it.jpg Aug Julienna and Kyle kickin' it at Bonfante Gardens
Brushing_teeth.jpg Aug Julienna brushes her 10 teeth
Marine_World_Gang.jpg June Julienna visits Marine World with her cousins, Brandon and Todd
Hawaii_dress.jpg June Julienna waving in her Hawaiian dress after a night in Waikiki
Ride_at_Happy_Hollow.jpg May Julienna and Kyle on the lady bug ride at Happy Hollow
Reflecting_in_the_park.jpg May Julienna contemplates life while enjoying an afternoon in the park
Baby_and_mommy_in_snow.jpg Jan The two babes posing at the Boreal Snow Park
Final_mess.jpg Jan Julienna enjoying cake on her 1st birthday
Picture_with_Santa.jpg Dec Julienna thrilled to tell Santa her Christmas wishes!
Touchdown_at_Vasona.jpg Dec Playing in the sand at Vasona
Mystery_Machine.JPG Nov The new members of the Scooby Doo gang
Happy_Halloween.jpg Nov Taylor's Halloween photo at the Pumpkin Patch
Messy_closeup.jpg Oct A closeup of Julienna's chocolaty face
Duck_on_Head_2.jpg Oct Julienna sporting a rubber duck on her head


On the hot tub cover laughing at the dog (Jordan)
First_swim.jpg Sept Her first swim in our pool