2004 Pictures

File Name Date Caption
Tia New Years 2005.jpg 12/31/2004 Posing with Tia Vickie on New Years
Snow hat pose.jpg 12/25/2004 Snow hat pose
Letter J.jpg 12/25/2004 Letter J
Pony gift smile.jpg 12/25/2004 Pony gift smile
Cousins & gifts.jpg 12/25/2004 Cousins & gifts
Taylor girls eve.jpg 12/24/2004 Taylor girls eve
Santa girls & Daddy.jpg 12/24/2004 Santa girls & Daddy
Santa girls 2.jpg 12/24/2004 More Santa girls
Leappad gift.jpg 12/24/2004 Leap Pad gift
Hello Kitty sleep.jpg 12/24/2004 Hello Kitty sleep
Dan & J.jpg 12/24/2004 Dan & Julienna
Camera phone.jpg 12/21/2004 Taken with Danny's camera phone
Sister lap.jpg 12/21/2004 Sister in lap
Taylor girls lap pose.jpg 12/18/2004 JC Penney Christmas portrait
Taylor girls head kiss.jpg 12/18/2004 JC Penney Christmas portrait
Taylor girls hand hold.jpg 12/18/2004 JC Penney Christmas portrait
K&J Chair Hug.jpg 12/18/2004 Kyle & Julienna chair hug
Banks family with J&A.jpg 12/18/2004 Banks family with Julienna & Anabella
Santa visits J.jpg 12/17/2004 Santa visits Julienna at Grandma's
Santa poses with J.jpg 12/17/2004 Santa poses with Julienna
Gift exchange.jpg 12/17/2004 Gift exchange at Grandma's
Mikey's gift.jpg 12/17/2004 Mikey's gift to Julienna
Santa girls.jpg 12/15/2004 Santa girls
Gingerbread House.jpg 12/7/2004 Julienna's Gingerbread house
Turkey day for J & A.jpg 11/25/2004 Turkey day for Julienna & Anabella
Turkey family.jpg 11/21/2004 Turkey family
Dolls and baby.jpg 11/16/2004 Dolls and baby
School bridge.jpg 11/15/2004 School bridge
New teacher.jpg 11/15/2004 Julienna's new teacher
Grad smile.jpg 11/15/2004 Grad smile
Grad nice smile.jpg 11/15/2004 Grad nice smile
Grad lunch.jpg 11/15/2004 Grad lunch
Grad class 1104.jpg 11/15/2004 Grad class November 2004
Connie & J.jpg 11/15/2004 Connie & Julienna
Story book.jpg 11/15/2004 Reading a book
Beanbag 2.jpg 11/14/2004 Sitting in Beanbag chair
Beanbag.jpg 11/14/2004 Sitting in Beanbag chair
Shortcake glasses close.jpg 11/13/2004 Shortcake glasses close up
Shortcake glasses.jpg 11/13/2004 Wearing Shortcake glasses
Scorekeepers.jpg 11/13/2004 Scorekeepers
Head scratch.jpg 11/13/2004 Scratching her head
Green ball.jpg 11/13/2004 Bowler in action
Grandpa bowl.jpg 11/13/2004 Grandpa & Julienna
Emily bowl pose.jpg 11/13/2004 Emily, Julienna & Sierra at Oakridge Lanes
Bowl run.jpg 11/13/2004 Running after bowling at Emily's party
3 Girls on sofa closeup.jpg 11/11/2004 3 Girls on sofa closeup
3 Girls on sofa.jpg 11/11/2004 3 Girls on sofa
J with A sleep.jpg 11/10/2004 Julienna with Anabella sleeping
J holding A.jpg 11/10/2004 Julienna holding Anabella
PGA line.jpg 10/24/2004 In line at PGA
Tripleplay3.jpg 10/24/2004 Picture while on the Triple Play ride
Tripleplay2.jpg 10/24/2004 Picture while on the Triple Play ride
Tripleplay.jpg 10/24/2004 Picture while on the Triple Play ride
Scooby river.jpg 10/24/2004 Scooby river
Jasmin.jpg 10/24/2004 Princess Jasmin costume
Halloween Thornberry.jpg 10/24/2004 Trick or Treating at PGA
Halloween Patrick.jpg 10/24/2004 Trick or Treating at PGA
Halloween Dora.jpg 10/24/2004 Trick or Treating at PGA
Halloween Chucky.jpg 10/24/2004 Trick or Treating at PGA
Pumpkin smile 2004.jpg 10/23/2004 Pumpkin smile
Pumpkin Queens.jpg 10/23/2004 Pumpkin Queens
Pumpkin Queen 2004.jpg 10/23/2004 Pumpkin Queen
Pumpkin pile.jpg 10/23/2004 Pumpkin pile
Pumpkin head 2004.jpg 10/23/2004 Pumpkin head 2004
Lil Queen.jpg 10/23/2003 Lil Pumpkin Queen
Kyle hug2.jpg 10/23/2004 Hugging Kyle in the patch
Kyle hug.jpg 10/23/2004 Hugging Kyle on the bench
Height 2004.jpg 10/23/2004 How tall is she?
Exersaucer gift.jpg 10/19/2004 Shower gift from Intuit
Artist side.jpg 10/19/2004 Julienna the artist
Artist front.jpg 10/19/2004 Julienna the artist
Artist.jpg 10/19/2004 Julienna the artist
Pumpkin Patch class2.jpg 10/15/2004 Pumpkin Patch class
Pumpkin Patch class.jpg 10/15/2004 Pumpkin Patch class
School Patch pose.jpg 10/15/2004 School Patch pose
School Patch family.jpg 10/15/2004 School Patch family
Patch teeter.jpg 10/15/2004 On the seesaw at the pumpkin patch
Lil pumpkin.jpg 10/15/2004 With her lil pumpkin
Barb cake pose.jpg 10/9/2004 Celebrating Mommy's birthday
Tea Party Tolbertson.jpg 10/3/2004 Tea Party
Tea Party smile.jpg 10/3/2004 Tea Party
Tea Party shirt.jpg 10/3/2004 Tea Party
Tea Party Natale.jpg 10/3/2004 Tea Party
Tea Party Michelle.jpg 10/3/2004 Tea Party
Tea Party Kristina.jpg 10/3/2004 Tea Party
Tea Party Julienna2.jpg 10/3/2004 Tea Party
Tea Party Julienna.jpg 10/3/2004 Tea Party
Tea Party Hernandez.jpg 10/3/2004 Tea Party
Tea Party Grandma.jpg 10/3/2004 Tea Party
Tea Party gift5.jpg 10/3/2004 Tea Party
Tea Party gift2.jpg 10/3/2004 Tea Party
Tea Party gift.jpg 10/3/2004 Tea Party
Tea Party gift4.jpg 10/3/2004 Tea Party
Tea Party cousins.jpg 10/3/2004 Tea Party
Tea Party.jpg 10/3/2004 Tea Party
Tea Party gift3.jpg 10/3/2004 Tea Party
Cartwheel start.jpg 8/25/2004 Starts the cartwheel
Cartwheel fall.jpg 8/25/2004 Falls during cartwheel
Cartwheel done.jpg 8/25/2004 Finishes the cartwheel
Cartwheel.jpg 8/25/2004 Performing a cartwheel
Nana bday pose.jpg 8/17/2004 Julienna poses with the birthday girl
Brighton couch.jpg 8/16/2004 Brighton couch
With baby Emily.jpg 8/15/2004 With baby Emily
Swing smile.jpg 8/15/2004 Smiling on the swing at the park
Bumper car.jpg 8/15/2004 Riding the kiddie bumper car
Bumper Boats.jpg 8/15/2004 Riding the bumper boats at Boondocks
Air Hockey laugh.jpg 8/15/2004 Laughing during air hockey
Air Hockey.jpg 8/15/2004 Playing air hockey
Tub time.jpg 8/14/2004 Tub time for Julienna and Natalie
Trampoline stand.jpg 8/14/2004 Trampoline stand
Trampoline rest.jpg 8/14/2004 Trampoline rest
Trampoline pose.jpg 8/14/2004 Trampoline pose
Trampoline laugh.jpg 8/14/2004 Trampoline laugh
Trampoline laugh 2.jpg 8/14/2004 Trampoline laugh 2
Trampoline jump.jpg 8/14/2004 Trampoline jump
Trampoline bird.jpg 8/14/2004 Trampoline bird
Stephanie & J.jpg 8/14/2004 Stephanie and Julienna pose after breakfast
Brighton slide pose.jpg 8/14/2004 Posing on slide
Brighton slide.jpg 8/14/2004 Sliding in pool
Brighton Pool pose.jpg 8/14/2004 Posing in pool
Brighton Pool Laugh.jpg 8/14/2004 Laughing in pool
Brighton Pool.jpg 8/14/2004 Playing in pool with Natalie
Somersault.jpg 8/11/2004 Gymnastics recital - somersault
High step.jpg 8/11/2004 Gymnastics recital - high stepping
Gymnastics Class.jpg 8/11/2004 Gymnastics recital - class
Flip.jpg 8/11/2004 Gymnastics recital - flip
Butterfly Stretch.jpg 8/11/2004 Gymnastics recital - butterfly stretch
Bridges Wave.jpg 8/11/2004 Gymnastics recital - bridges waving
Bridges.jpg 8/11/2004 Gymnastics recital - bridges
Airplane roll.jpg 8/11/2004 Gymnastics recital - airplane roll
Sierra & J.jpg 8/8/2004 Sierra stops by to visit Julienna
Cute Cousins.jpg 7/6/2004 Posing with Ariel
Cuddle Cousins.jpg 7/6/2004 Cuddling with Ariel
Tada Cousins.jpg 7/5/2004 Tada with Ariel
Julienna Popper.jpg 7/4/2004 Julienna launches a party popper
Party Poppers.jpg 7/4/2004 Launching a party popper with Daddy on the 4th
With Red M&M & Kyle.jpg 6/23/2004 With Red M&M & Kyle
Red M&M.jpg 6/23/2004 Red M&M at the factory
Aqua Wall.jpg 6/23/2004 Family aqua wall pose
Posing with MJ.jpg 6/21/2004 Posing with MJ and Daddy
Caesars Pose.jpg 6/21/2004 Caesars Palace pose with Kyle
Aqua Pose.jpg 6/21/2004 Las Vegas aquarium pose with Kyle
Excalibur Dragon.jpg 6/20/2004 Excalibur Dragon pose with Mommy
Artichoke.jpg 6/12/2004 Artichoke ride with Aunt Kristina
Goldfish Wave.jpg 6/12/2004 Waving on the Goldfish ride
Holding Birdie.jpg 6/12/2004 Holding Birdie at Bonfante Gardens
Duck Paddle Boats.jpg 6/12/2004 Duck Paddle Boats
Triple Play.jpg 6/10/2004 Getting on the Triple Play
Spongebob Photo.jpg 6/10/2004 Taking a picture with Spongebob Squarepants
Riding the Swings 2.jpg 6/10/2004 Riding the swings
Riding the Swings.jpg 6/10/2004 Getting ready to ride the swings
NickToons Pose.jpg 6/10/2004 NickToons pose with Auntie Dyan
GA cousins.jpg 6/10/2004 Cousins posing at Great America
More Flying Eagles.jpg 6/10/2004 Riding Flying Eagles
Flying Eagles Thumbs Up.jpg 6/10/2004 Flying Eagles Thumbs Up
Flying Eagles.jpg 6/10/2004 Waiting in line at the Flying Eagles ride
Dyan-Ariel-J.jpg 6/10/2004 Auntie Dyan, Ariel and Julienna pose
Vickie34 & Julienna.jpg 6/10/2004 Tia Vickie's birthday dinner with Julienna
Mommy & BooBoo.jpg 6/10/2004 Mommy & BooBoo
Chantel & Julienna.jpg 6/10/2004 Chantel & Julienna at Tia Vickie's birthday dinner
Blue Sharks Pizza Party.jpg 6/9/2004 Blue Sharks Pizza Party
Julienna Trophy.jpg 6/9/2004 Julienna receives her trophy
Soccer Trophy 2.jpg 6/9/2004 Soccer Trophy photo
Soccer Trophy.jpg 6/9/2004 Soccer Trophy photo
Blue Sharks Cake.jpg 6/9/2004 Blue Sharks party cake
With Miss Phyllis.jpg 6/7/2004 With Miss Phyllis
Holding Diploma.jpg 6/7/2004 Holding Diploma
Grad Line.jpg 6/7/2004 Lining up for graduation
Grad Class.jpg 6/7/2004 Graduating from spring class
GG & 80 Cake.jpg 6/6/2004 Great Grandma and birthday cake
Final Soccer Pose.jpg 6/5/2004 Final Soccer pose
Soccer Game Kick.jpg 6/5/2004 Kicking the ball during the game
Soccer Banner.jpg 6/5/2004 Blue Sharks Soccer Club banner
Wearing Daddy's Shirt.jpg 5/30/2004 Wearing Daddy's shirt
Playing Foosball.jpg 5/30/2004 Playing Foosball
Soccer Break.jpg 5/22/2004 Soccer - Taking a break
Soccer Goal.jpg 5/22/2004 Soccer - Goal
Soccer Midfield.jpg 5/22/2004 Soccer - midfield
Bundy Sleep.jpg 5/20/2004 Hand in her pants
Balloon Head.jpg 5/20/2004 Balloon Head
Santa Cruz Flyers.jpg 5/2/2004 Santa Cruz Flyers
Santa Cruz Dragon.jpg 5/2/2004 More Dragon
Santa Cruz Car.jpg 5/2/2004 Santa Cruz car ride
Santa Cruz Boats.jpg 5/2/2004 Santa Cruz Boats
Race Car Hangon.jpg 5/2/2004 Race Car Hang on
Moto Game.jpg 5/2/2004 Sitting on motorcycle game in arcade
Left Turn.jpg 5/2/2004 Left turn on the race cars
Dragon Ride.jpg 5/2/2004 Dragon Ride
Donkey.jpg 5/2/2004 Sitting on donkey
Car Buggy.jpg 5/2/2004 Car Buggy ride at Santa Cruz
Lego Plane ride.jpg 4/17/2004 Legoland Plane ride
Lego Horse ride.jpg 4/17/2004 Legoland Horse ride
Red Ruff.jpg 4/16/2004 With Red Ruff at Petco Park
Blue Mews.jpg 4/16/2004 With Blue Mews at Petco Park
Oceanside Digging.jpg 4/16/2004 Oceanside digging in the sand
At Oceanside Beach.jpg 4/16/2004 At Oceanside Beach
Flamingos.jpg 4/15/2004 Watching flamingos
Julienna & Elisabeth.jpg 4/11/2004 Julienna & Elisabeth
Egg Hunt Running.jpg 4/11/2004 Egg Hunt Running
Egg Hunt 2004.jpg 4/11/2004 Egg Hunt 2004
Egg Basket 2004.jpg 4/11/2004 Egg Basket 2004
Easter Breakfast 2004.jpg 4/11/2004 Easter Breakfast 2004
Soccer Game.jpg 3/27/2004 Soccer game photo
Julienna & Teachers.jpg 3/22/2004 Julienna & Teachers
Julienna Class.jpg 3/22/2004 Julienna's class
Julienna & Preston.jpg 3/20/2004 Julienna & Preston at her soccer game
Soccer Game 2.jpg 3/20/2004 Soccer game photo
Glow Golf.jpg 2/29/2004 Glow Golf in Milpitas
Glow Golf 2.jpg 2/29/2004 Glow Golf in Milpitas
Glow Golf 3.jpg 2/29/2004 Glow Golf in Milpitas
Glow Golf 4.jpg 2/29/2004 Glow Golf in Milpitas
Glow Golf 5.jpg 2/29/2004 Glow Golf in Milpitas
Excalibur.jpg 2/29/2004 Trying to lift Excalibur at Glow golf
Tap Pose.jpg 2/26/2004 Tap pose
Tap Heel.jpg 2/26/2004 Tap heel move
Tamborine.jpg 2/26/2004 Ballet dance with the tamborine
Take a Bow.jpg 2/26/2004 Take a Bow
Ballet Stretch.jpg 2/26/2004 Ballet Stretch
Ballet Pose.jpg 2/26/2004 Ballet Pose
Ballet Kite.jpg 2/26/2004 Ballet Kite
Ballet Freeze.jpg 2/26/2004 Ballet Freeze
Ballet 1st Position.jpg 2/26/2004 Ballet 1st Position
Ballet 2nd Position.jpg 2/26/2004 Ballet 2nd Position
Ballet 3rd Move.jpg 2/26/2004 Ballet 3rd Move
Balance Beam.jpg 2/26/2004 On the balance beam
Kristina Bday Gift.jpg 2/21/2004 Kristina Bday gift opening
Kristina Bday.jpg 2/21/2004 Kristina Bday at CPK
CPK Smile.jpg 2/21/2004 Smiling at CPK
CPK Buddies.jpg 2/21/2004 CPK Buddies
Behind Counter.jpg 2/14/2004 Behind Counter
Family Fondue.jpg 2/14/2004 Family photo during fondue dessert
Valentine Pizza.jpg 2/14/2004 Valentine pizza
Daddy Hat.jpg 1/25/2004 Wearing Daddy's hat
Julienna hammy.jpg 1/25/2004 Julienna hams it up!
January Birthdays Dinner.jpg 1/25/2004 January Birthdays Dinner
January Birthdays Cake.jpg 1/25/2004 January Birthdays Cake
J & K Hockey.jpg 1/24/2004 Julienna and Kyle at a Blizzard game
Daddy Dip.jpg 1/21/2004 Daddy dips Julienna
Let's Bowl.jpg 1/18/2004 Let's Bowl
Bowling with Tia Vickie.jpg 1/18/2004 Bowling with Tia Vickie
Bowling pose.jpg 1/18/2004 Bowling pose
Bowling.jpg 1/18/2004 Julienna goes bowling
Pose080.jpg 1/17/2004 Julienna 4th Birthday photo shoot
Pose081.jpg 1/17/2004 Julienna 4th Birthday photo shoot
Pose082.jpg 1/17/2004 Julienna 4th Birthday photo shoot
Pose083.jpg 1/17/2004 Julienna 4th Birthday photo shoot
Pose084.jpg 1/17/2004 Julienna 4th Birthday photo shoot
Pose085.jpg 1/17/2004 Julienna 4th Birthday photo shoot
Pose086.jpg 1/17/2004 Julienna 4th Birthday photo shoot
Pose087.jpg 1/17/2004 Julienna 4th Birthday photo shoot
Birthday Ice Cream.jpg 1/14/2004 Ice cream on her birthday
Birthday Dinner.jpg 1/14/2004 Julienna's birthday dinner
Taylors with Sierra.jpg 1/11/2004 Taylors with Sierra Thomas