2002 Pictures


File Name Date Caption
New Years gear.jpg 12/31/2002 Julienna and Kyle are sporting their New Years gear
New Years glasses.jpg 12/31/2002 New Years glasses
In doghouse.jpg 12/31/2002 In doghouse
Princess outfit.jpg 12/30/2002 Princess outfit
Daddy lift.jpg 12/28/2002 Daddy lift
Red dress.jpg 12/25/2002 Wearing her red dress
Opening presents 2002.jpg 12/25/2002 Opening presents
Dressing Annabel.jpg 12/25/2002 Dressing Annabel
Christmas tongue.jpg 12/25/2002 Christmas tongue
Feeding Annabel.jpg 12/25/2002 Feeding Annabel
Holding Annabel.jpg 12/25/2002 Holding Annabel
Daddy pony.jpg 12/23/2002 Daddy pony
Disney spinner.jpg 12/23/2002 Disney spinner
Giddy up.jpg 12/23/2002 Giddy up Kyle
J & Santa.jpg 12/19/2002 Who is that Santa?
On bike on chair.jpg 12/19/2002 On bike on chair
Cousins 2002.jpg 12/15/2002 Julienna's cousins
J & Angie.jpg 12/15/2002 Julienna & Aunt Angie at Round Table
With Santa 2002.jpg 12/7/2002 With Santa 2002
Eating pretzel.jpg 12/7/2002 Eating at the Christmas party
Family & Santa 2002.jpg 12/7/2002 Family & Santa 2002
Sinister.jpg 12/7/2002 Sinister look
Julienna mug.jpg 12/7/2002 Closeup of Julienna's face
Pullup front.jpg 11/22/2002 Pullup front
Pullup rear.jpg 11/22/2002 Pullup rear
Pullup.jpg 11/22/2002 Pullup on the head
Window sleep.jpg 11/11/2002 Sleeping at the front window
Shaking booty.jpg 11/9/2002 Shaking booty
Preparing bubbles.jpg 11/7/2002 Preparing bubbles
Fly catcher.jpg 11/1/2002 Sleeping with her mouth open
Door flashlight.jpg 10/31/2002 Door flashlight
3 pumpkins.jpg 10/31/2002 3 pumpkins
Costume 2002.jpg 10/31/2002 Costume 2002
Dressing the princess.jpg 10/31/2002 Dressing the princess
Dribbling.jpg 10/31/2002 Dribbling the ball
Bball time.jpg 10/31/2002 She got game
Cookie sheet.jpg 10/28/2002 Cookie sheet
Making pumpkin cookies.jpg 10/28/2002 Making pumpkin cookies
Cookie make pose.jpg 10/28/2002 Smiling with her pumpkin cookies
Frankenstein.jpg 10/26/2002 Posing in front of Frankenstein
Kelly park.jpg 10/26/2002 Kelly Park with Kyle
Eye shadow.jpg 10/19/2002 Wearing eye shadow
Pumpkin Queen 2002.jpg 10/13/2002 The 2002 Pumpkin Queen
Patch train.jpg 10/13/2002 Pumpkin patch train with Daddy
Patch popcorn.jpg 10/13/2002 Eating popcorn at the pumpkin patch
Pumpkin height 2002.jpg 10/13/2002 Pumpkin height
Haystack photo.jpg 10/13/2002 Haystack photo with Mommy
Patch flowers.jpg 10/13/2002 Patch flowers
Pumpkin head 2002.jpg 10/13/2002 In the pumpkin head
Wiz of Oz kids.jpg 10/13/2002 Rebecca, Julienna & Kyle
Wiz of Oz closeup.jpg 10/13/2002 Wiz of Oz closeup
Wiz of Oz.jpg 10/13/2002 Wiz of Oz
Head phones.jpg 10/9/2002 Head phones
Minnie bfast family.jpg 10/7/2002 Family at the Minnie breakfast
Four princesses.jpg 10/7/2002 The four princesses
Minnie limbo.jpg 10/7/2002 Doing the limbo
Bye Minnie.jpg 10/7/2002 Bye Minnie
With Daisy.jpg 10/7/2002 Hugging Daisy Duck
Minnie hug.jpg 10/7/2002 Hugs at the Minne & Friends breakfast
Hanging with Snoopy.jpg 10/6/2002 Hanging with Snoopy
Jail bird.jpg 10/6/2002 Jail bird
Trucker girls.jpg 10/6/2002 Trucker girls
Snoopy campfire.jpg 10/6/2002 Family at the Snoopy campfire
Race car.jpg 10/6/2002 Race car with Mommy
Baron ride.jpg 10/6/2002 On the baron plane ride
Baron plane.jpg 10/6/2002 Piloting the baron plane
With Snoopy.jpg 10/6/2002 A picture with Snoopy
Making necklace.jpg 10/6/2002 Making a necklace at KBF
On Dumbo.jpg 10/4/2002 On the Dumbo ride
With Pooh.jpg 10/4/2002 A picture with Winnie the Pooh
With Eeyore & Tigger.jpg 10/4/2002 With Eeyore & Tigger
Rope fence.jpg 10/4/2002 Rope fence
Tea cups.jpg 10/4/2002 Riding on the tea cups
With Mickey.jpg 10/4/2002 Posing with Mickey
Minnie's house.jpg 10/4/2002 With Daddy in Minnie's house
Minnie & girls.jpg 10/4/2002 Minnie, Mommy, Tia Vickie and J.
Toon car pose.jpg 10/4/2002 In the toon car with Mommy
With Donald.jpg 10/4/2002 Hanging with Donald Duck
Small World pose.jpg 10/4/2002 Beginning Small World
Auto ride.jpg 10/4/2002 Exiting Autopia
Astro ride.jpg 10/4/2002 With Mommy on the Astro ride
Waiting for Astro ride.jpg 10/4/2002 Waiting for Astro ride
Mickey glasses.jpg 10/4/2002 Trying on sunglasses at Disneyland
Pooh glasses.jpg 10/4/2002 Trying on sunglasses at Disneyland
Baby doll bottle.jpg 9/30/2002 Baby doll bottle
Eating banana.jpg 9/30/2002 Eating a banana
Bike pose.jpg 9/30/2002 Bike pose
Bike helmet.jpg 9/30/2002 Bike helmet
Bike smile.jpg 9/30/2002 Smiling on bike
Riding bike.jpg 9/30/2002 Riding her bike
Ready to ride.jpg 9/30/2002 Preparing for a bike ride
Pudding face closeup.jpg 9/18/2002 Julienna likes banana pudding
Pudding face.jpg 9/18/2002 Julienna likes banana pudding
Thinking chair.jpg 9/15/2002 Sitting in the Blue's Clues Thinking Chair
Driving car.jpg 9/15/2002 Driving car with Daddy
Waving in car.jpg 9/15/2002 Waving in car
Getting out of car.jpg 9/15/2002 Getting out of car
Eating ice cream.jpg 9/15/2002 Eating ice cream at Great America
Boo Boo with Boo Boo.jpg 9/15/2002 Boo Boo with Boo Boo
Shoveling rocks.jpg 9/15/2002 Shoveling rocks
Climbing net.jpg 9/15/2002 Climbing the net
Snail ride.jpg 9/15/2002 Snail ride with Daddy
Bus ride.jpg 9/15/2002 Bus ride with Grandma
Train ride.jpg 9/15/2002 Train ride with Mommy
Rugrat coaster.jpg 9/15/2002 Rugrat coaster pose with Mommy
Thornberry.jpg 9/15/2002 Picture with the Wild Thornberrys
Fetch.jpg 9/13/2002 Julienna imitates Jordan
Pose with squirrel.jpg 9/1/2002 Pose with Earl the squirrel
Touching water.jpg 9/1/2002 Touching the water
Drinking water.jpg 9/1/2002 Drinking water at Bonfante Gardens
Wet Kyle & J pose.jpg 9/1/2002 Wet Kyle & Julienna pose
Water drain.jpg 9/1/2002 Water drain
Water area.jpg 9/1/2002 Playing in the water
Flower ride.jpg 9/1/2002 Flower ride at Bonfante Gardens
Garlic ride.jpg 9/1/2002 Garlic ride at Bonfante Gardens
Strawberry ride.jpg 9/1/2002 Strawberry ride at Bonfante Gardens
Backyard pose.jpg 8/24/2002 Backyard pose
Opening door.jpg 8/24/2002 Opening door
Kissing dog.jpg 8/24/2002 Julienna kissing the bulldog statue
GG sisters and Julienna.jpg 8/24/2002 Great Grandma's sisters and Julienna
GG and Julienna.jpg 8/24/2002 Great Grandma and Julienna
GG and cousins.jpg 8/24/2002 Great Grandma with Julienna's cousins
Tiny glasses.jpg 8/6/2002 Wearing Mr. Potato Head glasses
Nightgown.jpg 7/27/2002 Wearing her white nightgown
Princess smile.jpg 7/20/2002 Princess smile
Drawing stare.jpg 7/10/2002 Drawing stare
Drawing easel.jpg 7/10/2002 Drawing easel
Striped pillows smiling.jpg 7/9/2002 Striped pillows smiling
Striped pillows laying.jpg 7/9/2002 Striped pillows laying
Striped pillows hand.jpg 7/9/2002 Striped pillows hand
Striped pillows looking up.jpg 7/9/2002 Striped pillows looking up
Fireworks with Mommy.jpg 7/4/2002 Fireworks with Mommy
Roman candle.jpg 7/4/2002 "Light this one!"
Fireworks box.jpg 7/4/2002 "What do we have here?"
Fireworks with Vickie.jpg 7/4/2002 Fireworks with Vickie
Holding fireworks.jpg 7/4/2002 Holding fireworks
Princess dress.jpg 7/1/2002 Wearing princess skirt
Pink blanket.jpg 6/28/2002 Sleeping with ther pink blanket
Cousins at DIA.jpg 6/22/2002 Cousins at DIA
Taylors at DIA.jpg 6/22/2002 Taylors at DIA
Stotz family & J at DIA.jpg 6/22/2002 Stotz family & J at DIA
Nancy and girls.jpg 6/22/2002 Nancy and girls
DIA dinner.jpg 6/22/2002 Dinner at the Denver airport
Blue swimsuit.jpg 6/22/2002 Sporting her blue swimsuit
Puppet play.jpg 6/22/2002 Puppet show stage
Name.jpg 6/22/2002 Name on the board
3 feet tall.jpg 6/22/2002 3 feet tall
Dock pose.jpg 6/22/2002 Dock pose
Train tracks.jpg 6/22/2002 Standing on train tracks
Tire swing.jpg 6/22/2002 On the tire swing
Cool car.jpg 6/22/2002 Riding the cool car
Go that way.jpg 6/22/2002 "Go that way!"
Cousins in wagon.jpg 6/22/2002 Cousins in wagon
Sitting on trike.jpg 6/22/2002 Sitting on trike bike
Natalie bubbles.jpg 6/22/2002 Cousin Natalie admires the bubbles
Making bubbles.jpg 6/22/2002 Making bubbles in the garage
Pink outfit.jpg 6/22/2002 In her new pink outfit
Cereal bowl.jpg 5/21/2002 Finishing her cereal
Spoon face.jpg 5/21/2002 Spoon face
Diaper shot.jpg 5/18/2002 Diaper shot
Daddy's jersey.jpg 5/18/2002 Wearing Daddy's practice jersey
Get golf ball.jpg 5/18/2002 Chasing her golf ball
Vickie help putt.jpg 5/18/2002 Tia Vickie helping Julienna putt
Hair wash.jpg 5/12/2002 Rinsing her hair in the tub
Cousins pose.jpg 5/12/2002 In front of the fireplace
Pony tail.jpg 5/7/2002 Profile of her in a pony tail
Brush teeth.jpg 5/5/2002 Brushing with an electric tooth brush
Swartzenegger.jpg 5/5/2002 Julienna puts on a weightlifting display
Pony express.jpg 5/5/2002 Riding her wooden horse
Pudding closeup.jpg 5/5/2002 Pudding face closeup
Pudding.jpg 5/5/2002 Pudding face
Angel dress.jpg 5/5/2002 Outside in her angel dress
Doing hair.jpg 5/5/2002 Mommy fixing Julienna's hair
High heels.jpg 5/5/2002 Wearing her high heels
Popup pose.jpg 5/4/2002 Popping up thru her kitchen
Cozy couch.jpg 4/28/2002 Dozing away on the couch
Braveheart.jpg 4/26/2002 Julienna puts on the war paint
Braveheart closeup.jpg 4/26/2002 Julienna puts on the war paint
Ice cream goatee.jpg 4/9/2002 Ice cream goatee
Yuck face.jpg 4/7/2002 Yuck face
T-shirt.jpg 4/7/2002 Wearing Daddy's hockey T-shirt
Deodorant.jpg 4/3/2002 Putting on deodorant
Bath tubbies.jpg 3/31/2002 Bath tubbies
Dad-baby Easter pose.jpg 3/31/2002 Dad-baby Easter pose
Easter basket.jpg 3/31/2002 Easter basket of eggs
Family Easter photo.jpg 3/31/2002 Family Easter photo
Egg crack.jpg 3/31/2002 Cracking eggs on Mommy's head
Baby & BMW.jpg 3/30/2002 Baby in back seat of Daddy's BMW
Waiting for parade.jpg 3/30/2002 Waiting for parade
Eating snack.jpg 3/30/2002 Eating snack
Babes on bench.jpg 3/30/2002 Babes on bench
Easter parade photo.jpg 3/30/2002 Easter parade photo with Kyle
Cookie sprinkles.jpg 3/29/2002 Cookie sprinkles
Cookie face closeup.jpg 3/29/2002 Cookie face closeup
Cookie face.jpg 3/29/2002 Cookie face
Cookie side face.jpg 3/29/2002 Cookie side face
Making cookies.jpg 3/29/2002 Making Easter cookies
Rolling pin.jpg 3/29/2002 Rolling pin
Sleeping beauties.jpg 3/28/2002 Sleeping beauties
Feeding Sebastian.jpg 3/23/2002 Feeding Sebastian
Mochila.jpg 3/22/2002 Julienna's new Dora backpack
Look in the sky.jpg 3/22/2002 Look in the sky
Is it raining.jpg 3/22/2002 Is it raining?
Dora umbrella.jpg 3/22/2002 Showing off her new Dora umbrella
Twirling umbrella.jpg 3/22/2002 Twirling umbrella
Itching.jpg 3/22/2002 Julienna itches her butt
Holding umbrella.jpg 3/22/2002 Holding umbrella
Sleeping on couch.jpg 3/17/2002 Sleeping on couch
Im waiting.jpg 3/3/2002 I'm waiting
Pondering.jpg 3/3/2002 Pondering
Mommy&Julienna.jpg 3/3/2002 At Don Pedro's restaurant
Kitchen chair.jpg 3/1/2002 By the kitchen chair
Box head.jpg 3/1/2002 With a box on her head
Playing on couch.jpg 2/28/2002 Playing on couch with toys
Little hat.jpg 2/28/2002 Wearing a little red M&M hat
Its loaded.jpg 2/28/2002 This baby is loaded!
Crazy smile.jpg 2/13/2002 Crazy smile
Princess Julienna.jpg 2/12/2002 Princess Julienna
Just win baby.jpg 2/8/2002 Just win baby
Backward helmet.jpg 2/8/2002 Backward helmet
Tasty helmet.jpg 2/8/2002 Tasting a Raider victory
No more helmet.jpg 2/8/2002 "No more helmet pictures Daddy"
Getting in Jeep.jpg 1/31/2002 Getting in Jeep
White sweater.jpg 1/21/2002 2 year - white sweater pose
2year yahoo.jpg 1/21/2002 2 year - yahoo pose
Key heart.jpg 1/21/2002 2 year - key heart pose
Banner tada.jpg 1/13/2002 Banner tada
Elmo chair.jpg 1/13/2002 Sitting in Elmo chair
Birthday tada.jpg 1/13/2002 Birthday tada
Balloon face.jpg 1/13/2002 Butterfly Balloon face
Horsey ride.jpg 1/13/2002 Horsey ride
Family banner.jpg 1/13/2002 Family banner
Opening 2bday presents.jpg 1/13/2002 Opening presents
Name banner.jpg 1/13/2002 Julienna birthday banner
No hands.jpg 1/13/2002 No hands
Eating Boo cake.jpg 1/13/2002 Eating Boo cake
Nina & B-day girl.jpg 1/13/2002 Nina & B-day girl
2nd B-Day cake.jpg 1/13/2002 2nd B-Day cake
Barbie Trike.jpg 1/13/2002 Riding her Barbie trike bike
Jeep.jpg 1/13/2002 Julienna gets a jeep