2001 Pictures


Big hams.jpg 12/31/2001 Big hams
New Year's dinner.jpg 12/31/2001 Dinner at Ho Chow
With Mark.jpg 12/26/2001 A photo with Mark
Stickers.jpg 12/25/2001 Stickers on face
Christmas nap.jpg 12/25/2001 Christmas nap
Big Family Photo.jpg 12/24/2001 Big Family Photo
Baseball kid.jpg 12/24/2001 Baseball kid
Holding Dora.jpg 12/24/2001 Holding Dora the Explorer
Blue on head.jpg 12/24/2001 Blue's Clue on head
Pinocchio.jpg 12/24/2001 Pinocchio
Throwing ball.jpg 12/24/2001 Throwing ball
Gift mountain.jpg 12/24/2001 Julienna's gift mountain
Christmas Eve 2001.jpg 12/24/2001 Christmas Eve 2001
Presents with Kyle.jpg 12/23/2001 Opening presents with Kyle
Little Drummer Girl.jpg 12/23/2001 Little Drummer Girl
Eskimo.jpg 12/23/2001 Christmas in the Park photo
Kyle-Julienna dancing.jpg 12/23/2001 Kyle-Julienna dancing
Cupcake lick.jpg 12/23/2001 Cupcake lick
Girl cousins.jpg 12/22/2001 Girl cousins (b&w)
GG and girls.jpg 12/22/2001 Great Grandma and the girls
Scary face.jpg 12/20/2001 Scary face
Daddy hat.jpg 12/20/2001 Wearing Daddy's hat
Family Christmas pose.jpg 12/18/2001 2001 Family Christmas pose
Christmas pose.jpg 12/18/2001 Christmas pose in wicker chair
Stylin with Emily.jpg 12/16/2001 Stylin with Emily
Family lean.jpg 12/14/2001 Julienna leaning with Mom & Dad
Face.jpg 12/14/2001 Face
Mommy smooch.jpg 12/14/2001 Mommy smooch
Fireplace with Mommy.jpg 12/14/2001 Fireplace with Mommy
Push.jpg 12/12/2001 Puuuuuuush!
Couch pose.jpg 12/9/2001 Couch pose
Our Santa.jpg 12/9/2001 Vallco Santa photo
Bear glasses.jpg 12/7/2001 Wearing glasses
Dalmation dress.jpg 12/2/2001 Wearing dalmation dress (b&w)
Ornament.jpg 12/2/2001 Adding an ornament to the tree
Our tree pose.jpg 12/2/2001 Taylor tree pose with Mommy
Opening presents.jpg 12/2/2001 Opening presents with Tia Vickie
Looking up.jpg 12/2/2001 Looking up
Decorating cookie.jpg 12/2/2001 Decorating a gingerbread cookie
Santa family photo.jpg 12/2/2001 Santa family photo
Not liking Santa.jpg 12/2/2001 Santa made me cry
Nicholson.jpg 12/2/2001 Heeeeeerrre's Julienna!
Christmas party.jpg 12/2/2001 Activity at the Christmas party
Tree chickens.jpg 11/25/2001 Christmas tree chickens
Christmas cutout.jpg 11/25/2001 Posing with Christmas scene
Bubble Head.jpg 11/16/2001 Bubbles on the head
Hiding out.jpg 11/10/2001 Hiding out at Chuck-E-Cheese
Fork in mouth.jpg 11/10/2001 Fork in mouth
Emily cake.jpg 11/10/2001 Eating cake at Emily's b-day party
I'm the bomb dance.jpg 10/31/2001 "I'm the bomb" dance
Wiz of Oz gang.jpg 10/31/2001 Wizard of Oz gang
Dorothy & Scarecrow.jpg 10/31/2001 Dorothy & Scarecrow
Dorothy & Lion.jpg 10/31/2001 Dorothy & Lion
At mall play area.jpg 10/31/2001 At mall play area
Dorothy drives.jpg 10/31/2001 Dorothy goes for a spin
Mall pose.jpg 10/31/2001 Posing at the mall
Walking at mall.jpg 10/31/2001 Walking at Valley Fair mall
Hernandez costumes.jpg 10/31/2001 Hernandez costumes
Carving.jpg 10/31/2001 I carved that!
Tastes like pumpkin.jpg 10/31/2001 Tastes like..........pumpkin!
Scooping.jpg 10/31/2001 Scooping out the seeds
Smells like pumpkin.jpg 10/31/2001 It smells like a pumpkin
Whats in there.jpg 10/31/2001 What's in that thing?
21 Months.jpg 10/19/2001 21 Month photo
Barb&Julienna at Chilis.jpg 10/17/2001 Barb&Julienna at Chilis
Disney concert.jpg 10/15/2001 Disney concert photo
Vickie slide.jpg 10/14/2001 Vickie & Julienna down the slide
Smell flowers.jpg 10/14/2001 Smelling the flowers
Scott and kids.jpg 10/14/2001 Scott and kids on castle slide
Royal pumpkin family.jpg 10/14/2001 Royal pumpkin family
Relaxing bench.jpg 10/14/2001 Relaxing on the bench
Red wagon pose.jpg 10/14/2001 Red wagon pose
Pumpkin Height.jpg 10/14/2001 Pumpkin Height a year later
Pumpkin head.jpg 10/14/2001 Pumpkin head
Pumpkin bounce.jpg 10/14/2001 Bouncing in the pumpkin
Pumpkin bin.jpg 10/14/2001 Pumpkin bin
Her pumpkins.jpg 10/14/2001 Julienna's pumpkins
Family hay pose.jpg 10/14/2001 Family hay pose
choo choo pose.jpg 10/14/2001 Choo choo pose
Bench patch daddy.jpg 10/14/2001 Bench patch daddy
Grandmas counter.jpg 10/1/2001 Ashley & Julienna at the counter
Family at Disneyland.jpg 9/29/2001 Family after entering Disneyland
Mickey face photo.jpg 9/29/2001 Mickey Mouse face photo
Small World.jpg 9/29/2001 Outside It's a Small World
Toon car front.jpg 9/29/2001 Can you see me?
Rocket ride.jpg 9/29/2001 Rocket ride with Daddy
Mickey balloon with Mommy.jpg 9/29/2001 Mickey balloon with Mommy
Mickey balloon.jpg 9/29/2001 Kissing the Mickey Mouse balloon
Mickey specs.jpg 9/29/2001 Trying on Mickey Mouse glasses
Dumbo ride.jpg 9/29/2001 With Mommy on the Dumbo ride
Disney Merry.jpg 9/29/2001 Disneyland Merry-go-Round
Scrambler.jpg 9/28/2001 Riding the Scrambler at Knott's Berry Farm
Monster truck.jpg 9/28/2001 On the Monster Truck ride
Ladies bench.jpg 9/28/2001 Julienna sitting with the ladies
Knotts waterfall.jpg 9/28/2001 Posing with Mommy at waterfall
Knotts Racecar.jpg 9/28/2001 With Mommy in the race car
Height.jpg 9/28/2001 Did I make it?
Camp Snoopy.jpg 9/28/2001 With Daddy entering Camp Snoopy
Baby & Mommy in jail.jpg 9/28/2001 Baby & Mommy in jail at Knott's
Hand X-Ray.jpg 9/25/2001 Julienna had an x-ray for her boo boo
Mommy-Baby A's pose.jpg 9/22/2001 Mommy-Baby A's pose
A's gear.jpg 9/22/2001 In her A's gear
Daddy-Baby A's pose.jpg 9/22/2001 Daddy-Baby A's pose
Making mimi.jpg 9/16/2001 Julienna taking a nap in crib
Dorothy closeup.jpg 9/14/2001 In Wizard of Oz costume
Squatting Dorothy.jpg 9/14/2001 Squatting Dorothy pose
Big tub expression.jpg 9/11/2001 Big tub expression
Big tub soapy face.jpg 9/11/2001 Big tub soapy face
Big tub flat hair.jpg 9/11/2001 Big tub flat hair
Big tub closeup.jpg 9/11/2001 Big tub closeup shot
Elmo hugs Julienna.jpg 9/7/2001 Elmo hugs Julienna
Baby-Daddy-Elmo.jpg 9/7/2001 Baby, Daddy & Elmo at Synopsys
No elmo.jpg 9/7/2001 Not liking Elmo yet
Pony ride.jpg 9/7/2001 A ride on the pony
Kissing Angelina.jpg 9/2/2001 Kissing Angelina at the house BBQ
Backstroke.jpg 8/31/2001 Backstroke lessons at DACA
Swim lessons.jpg 8/31/2001 Water babies swim lessons
Hat horn.jpg 8/25/2001 Hat horn at party
Pinata time.jpg 8/25/2001 Pinata time at Dominic's bday
Red wagon.jpg 8/25/2001 With Dominic in red wagon
Daddy-baby swing.jpg 8/25/2001 Daddy & Julienna on the rope swing
Headshot.jpg 8/18/2001 Cute headshot
Dont do that.jpg 8/18/2001 Hey...don't take my picture!
Highchair salute.jpg 8/17/2001 Highchair salute
Leaning in highchair.jpg 8/17/2001 Leaning in highchair
Sitting on bed.jpg 8/17/2001 Sitting on the bed
Cousins bench.jpg 8/12/2001 Cousins & daughters
Taylor bench.jpg 8/12/2001 Taylor's pose on the bench
Stotz bench.jpg 8/12/2001 Kirk, Nancy & Natalie
Sitting on bench.jpg 8/12/2001 Kids on the bench
Playground bridge.jpg 8/11/2001 With Natalie on the bridge
Sitting in drum.jpg 8/11/2001 Sitting in drum
Heritage Petting Zoo.jpg 8/11/2001 Heritage Petting Zoo
Zoom.jpg 8/11/2001 Zoom in on Julienna
Cousins in tub.jpg 8/11/2001 Cousins taking a bath together
Cousins on stairs.jpg 8/10/2001 Playing on the stairs
Tugboat.jpg 8/8/2001 Swimming in her tugboat
Earl the Squirrel.jpg 8/4/2001 With Zander, Dakota, Kyle, & Julienna
Bonfante Gardens gang.jpg 8/4/2001 Taylor-Bowers-Banks at Bonfante
Avocado dip.jpg 8/4/2001 Riding the Avocado Dip ride with Daddy
Gold fish ride.jpg 8/4/2001 Gold fish ride at Bonfante Gardens
Merry wave.jpg 8/4/2001 Waving on the Merry-go-Round
Finger nose.jpg 8/3/2001 Why do they call you Booger?
Lunch nap.jpg 7/22/2001 Taking a nap during lunch
Eating noodles.jpg 7/20/2001 Eating some Cup o' Noodles
Putting on paste.jpg 7/20/2001 Putting on tooth paste
Teeth clean.jpg 7/20/2001 See...my teeth are clean
WWF baby.jpg 7/19/2001 Wrestling Daddy with Ariel as the ref
Swim floaties.jpg 7/19/2001 Swimming with her floaties
Elijah-Ashley-Julienna.jpg 7/17/2001 Playtime in Grandma T's kitchen
Eye C U.jpg 7/17/2001 Julienna rushes the camera
18months wagon.jpg 7/14/2001 18 Months in red wagon
18months yellow.jpg 7/14/2001 18 Months holding flower
Six Flags pose.jpg 7/6/2001 Posing at Six Flags Marine World
Yellow top.jpg 6/24/2001 A closeup wearing a yellow top
Hawaii last night.jpg 6/16/2001 Our last night in Hawaii
Waikiki Daddy.jpg 6/15/2001 With Daddy at Waikiki Beach
Waikiki Mommy.jpg 6/15/2001 With Mommy at Waikiki Beach
Hawaii family matching.jpg 6/13/2001 The Taylor Hawaii gear
Benihana Hawaii.jpg 6/11/2001 Benihana Hawaii
Hawaiian solo cutout.jpg 6/10/2001 Hawaiian solo cutout
Hawaiian cutouts.jpg 6/10/2001 Julienna and Kyle in hawaiian cutouts
Five of seven.jpg 5/13/2001 Grandma T. with 5 of 7 grand kids
Barb Family.jpg 5/13/2001 Barb's family on Mother's Day
Sweater closeup.jpg 5/13/2001 Closeup wearing her white sweater
Spring horse.jpg 5/12/2001 Sitting on the spring horsey
Merry Go Round.jpg 5/12/2001 Riding the Merry Go Round
Happy Hollow Kid Zoo.jpg 5/12/2001 With Mommy in the petting zoo
Major Cheese.jpg 4/27/2001 Major smile while sitting on toy
Alley oop.jpg 4/15/2001 Alley oop baby
Easter at the Banks'.jpg 4/15/2001 Easter at the Banks' house
Easter outfit.jpg 4/14/2001 Easter outfit
15 months.jpg 4/14/2001 Her 15 month photo
Easter bunny.jpg 4/6/2001 Julienna, the Easter Bunny & Mommy?
The musician.jpg 3/31/2001 Julienna's concert in the park
Check out my teeth.jpg 3/31/2001 Check out the choppers
Just looking down.jpg 3/31/2001 Just looking down
I can touch my toes.jpg 3/31/2001 I can touch my toes
On the jungle gym.jpg 3/31/2001 Hanging on to the jungle gym
Climbing out.jpg 3/31/2001 Making the escape from playland
I'll be good.jpg 3/31/2001 Julienna in playland prison
Baptism cake.jpg 2/11/2001 The Baptism cake
Sitting in shopping cart.jpg 2/5/2001 Sitting in shopping cart
Walking the dolphin.jpg 1/24/2001 Julienna walking her dolphin
Pre-Sharks game photo.jpg 1/24/2001 Daddy & baby before a Sharks game
bdaymagnet.jpg 1/14/2001 Julienna's Birthday magnet
messiest.jpg 1/14/2001 messiest
eating bee cake.jpg 1/14/2001 eating bee cake
bday princess.jpg 1/14/2001 The Birthday Princess
party.jpg 1/14/2001 "Hey...It's my birthday party!"
The birthday cake.jpg 1/14/2001 The birthday cake
there u are.jpg 1/3/2001 there u are