2000 Pictures


Outside on the scooter.jpg 12/31/2000 Outside on the scooter with Ariel
baby and mommy in snow.jpg 12/28/2000 baby and mommy in snow
not liking the snow.jpg 12/28/2000 Julienna not liking the snow too much
doggy tail.jpg 12/24/2000 Grabbing the doggy's tail
cupboard.jpg 12/24/2000 Investigating what's in the cupboard
chicken at the park.jpg 12/23/2000 Playing chicken at the park
in the sleigh.jpg 12/23/2000 In the sleigh with Kyle
family xmas in the park.jpg 12/23/2000 Family xmas in the park
On Santa's lap.jpg 12/17/2000 On Santa's lap at the Cortese's
xmas party at cortese's.jpg 12/17/2000 xmas party at the Cortese's
What.jpg 12/17/2000 What?!
Standing next to Christmas tree.JPG 12/15/2000 Standing next to Christmas tree
eating jordan cake.jpg 12/11/2000 Celebrating Jordan's birthday
xmascard.jpg 12/10/2000 2000 xmascard
Held by Grandma H.jpg 12/7/2000 Held by Grandma H
Crawling.jpg 12/5/2000 Crawling at Grandma T
Giving Julienna bunny ears.jpg 12/3/2000 Giving Julienna bunny ears
A morning read.jpg 12/2/2000 A morning reading
I know this one.jpg 11/23/2000 I know this one
By the sofa.jpg 11/23/2000 By the sofa
Thanksgiving rocking chair.jpg 11/23/2000 Thanksgiving rocking chair
I cannot hear you.jpg 11/23/2000 I cannot hear you
Pumpkin Costume.JPG 10/31/2000 Pumpkin Costume
Minnie Mouse.JPG 10/31/2000 Minnie Mouse
At Intuit Halloween party.JPG 10/30/2000 At Intuit Halloween party
Intuit office.JPG 10/30/2000 Intuit office
Sitting on goat.JPG 10/21/2000 Sitting on goat
With Yogi at Great America.JPG 10/21/2000 With Yogi at Great America
Julienna the Pumpkin Queen.jpg 10/15/2000 Julienna the Pumpkin Queen
Holding Kyle's hand at patch.jpg 10/15/2000 Holding Kyle's hand at patch
Selecting her pumpkin.jpg 10/15/2000 Selecting her pumpkin
Laying on hay.jpg 10/15/2000 Laying on hay
Riding the pumpkin.jpg 10/15/2000 Riding the pumpkin
Eating Pumpkin.jpg 10/15/2000 Eating a little Pumpkin
Standing at Pumpkin Patch.jpg 10/15/2000 Standing at Pumpkin Patch
Crawling at Pumpkin Patch.jpg 10/15/2000 Crawling at Pumpkin Patch
Halloween Costume.JPG 10/14/2000 Halloween Costume
Turning the cart.jpg 10/08/2000 Turning the cart
Bag hat.jpg 10/08/2000 Julienna wearing Mommy's bag as a hat
Aunt Vickie is in trouble.jpg 10/08/2000 Aunt Vickie is in trouble
On birthday Mommy's lap.jpg 10/08/2000 On birthday Mommy's lap
Toy soldier at Solveng.jpg 10/07/2000 Toy soldier at Solveng
In clog at solveng.jpg 10/07/2000 In clog at Solveng
Duck on Head.jpg 09/27/2000 Duck on Head
Uncle Jay and Julienna at picnic.jpg 09/24/2000 Uncle Jay and Julienna at picnic
Drumstick at picnic.jpg 09/24/2000 Drumstick at picnic
Great Grandma holding Julienna.jpg 09/24/2000 Great Grandma holding Julienna
Playing under exersaucer.jpg 09/23/2000 Playing under exersaucer
Taylors at Todd's wedding.jpg 09/22/2000 Taylors at Todd's wedding
Cousins with parents.jpg 09/08/2000 Cousins with parents
Dominic sucking finger.jpg 09/08/2000 Dominic sucking finger
Gigantic messy smile.jpg 09/04/2000 Gigantic messy smile
Nice expression.jpg 09/04/2000 Nice messy facial expression
Banks-Bowers-Taylor at Santa Cruz.jpg 08/27/2000 Banks-Bowers-Taylor at Santa Cruz
With Daddy at Santa Cruz.jpg 08/27/2000 With Daddy at Santa Cruz
Circus cardboard.jpg 08/25/2000 Circus cardboard
Fin Hair in tub.jpg 08/23/2000 Fin Hair in tub
On the move.jpg 08/23/2000 On the move
One handed bottle hold.jpg 08/23/2000 The Famous One handed bottle hold
Cousins in Yellow.jpg 08/20/2000 Cousins in Yellow
Nancy with the cousins.jpg 08/20/2000 Nancy with the cousins
Larry with Julienna.jpg 08/20/2000 Larry with Julienna
Nancy, Barb, Julienna and Natalie.jpg 08/20/2000 Nancy, Barb, Julienna and Natalie
The Stotz Family.jpg 08/20/2000 The Stotz Family
Natalie with Mommy Nancy.jpg 08/19/2000 Cousin Natalie with her Mom Nancy
Julienna meets ironing board.jpg 08/15/2000 Julienna meets the ironing board
Closeup in Yankee Gear.jpg 08/09/2000 Closeup in Yankee Gear
Silly picture with Mommy.jpg 08/09/2000 Silly picture with Mommy
Tongue shot.jpg 08/09/2000 Tongue shot
whiteeyeletthat8600.jpg 08/06/2000 White hat
Sitting in inner tube.jpg 08/04/2000 Sitting in inner tube
Julienna with Rebecca nearby.JPG 08/02/2000 Julienna with Rebecca nearby
Swimming (7-29).jpg 07/29/2000 Taking a swim in the pool
First_swim.jpg 07/29/2000 Julienna's first swim in our pool
Hottub cover posing.jpg 07/29/2000 Striking a pose on the cover
Highchair wearing denim hat.jpg 07/27/2000 Sporting her denim hat
Highchair wearing sunglasses.jpg 07/27/2000 Finally...wearing the sunglasses
closeup (7-14).jpg 07/14/2000 Julienna closeup in her exersaucer
Exersaucer (7-14).jpg 07/14/2000 Baby in her execsaucer
closeup 3 with Mom (7-8).jpg 07/08/2000 Julienna closeup with her Mommy
In Jumpy (7-4).jpg 07/04/2000 In her jumpy seat
No Hat Vasona (7-3).jpg 07/03/2000 At Vasona without her hat on
Green Overalls at Vasona.jpg 07/03/2000 In her overalls at Vasona Park for 4th of July
Transparent plug.JPG 06/20/2000 Transparent plug
Mommy hugging Julienna.JPG 06/18/2000 Mommy hugging Julienna
closeup Dyan on swing.jpg 06/18/2000 Auntie Dyan holding Julienna on swing
Dad and Baby on Slide.jpg 06/18/2000 Dad and Julienna on the slide at Lake Elizabeth (Father's Day)
Daddy, Baby and Ducks.jpg 06/18/2000 Daddy, Julienna and the Lake Elizabeth ducks
Girls at Angie's house.JPG 06/17/2000 Girls at Angie's house
Proud Mommy's.JPG 06/17/2000 Jennifer & Barbara with their babies
Legs up on Michelle Blanket.jpg 06/14/2000 Is someone ready for a diaper change?
In hamper.JPG 06/11/2000 In hamper
Julienna and Vickie at Grandma's.JPG 06/10/2000 Julienna and Vickie at Grandma's
Exersaucer with overalls.jpg 06/05/2000 Wearing her green overalls in the execsaucer
I'm tired.JPG 05/30/2000 I'm tired
I'm soooo cute.JPG 05/28/2000 I'm soooo cute
This is cold.JPG 05/28/2000 This is cold
Kyle on couch.jpg 05/28/2000 Kyle sitting on the couch smiling
Teething Ring.jpg 05/28/2000 Munching on the teething ring
Wearing ducks jersey.JPG 05/22/2000 Wearing Ducks jersey
Julienna with Vickie.jpg 05/21/2000 Baby sitting on Auntie Vickie's lap
Shirtless daddy and baby.JPG 05/21/2000 Shirtless daddy and baby
At Ariel's baseball game.JPG 05/20/2000 At Ariel's baseball game
Sleeping on daddy.JPG 05/18/2000 Sleeping on daddy
Mother's Day dinner.JPG 05/14/2000 Mother's Day dinner
With Barb's family.JPG 05/14/2000 With Barb's family
With Ashley in playpen.JPG 05/14/2000 With cousin Ashley in playpen
At Jacqueline's confirmation.JPG 05/13/2000 At cousin Jacqueline's 1st Communion
Wearing red hat.JPG 05/08/2000 Wearing red hat
Taylor Family (5-2).jpg 05/02/2000 Taylor Family Tic-Tac-Toe Photo
With her Grandpa.JPG 04/27/2000 With her Grandpa Taylor on Easter
Grandma and baby bunny.JPG 04/27/2000 Grandma Taylor and baby bunny
With Ariel at a hockey game.JPG 04/24/2000 With cousin Ariel at a hockey game
Daddy feeding baby with family.JPG 04/24/2000 Daddy feeding baby with family
Baby Easter bunny.JPG 04/23/2000 Baby Easter bunny
Baby and Kyle on couch.JPG 04/23/2000 Baby and Kyle on couch
On a motorcycle.JPG 04/22/2000 On a motorcycle
Taylors at an Ice Pirates game.JPG 04/22/2000 Taylors at an Ice Pirates game
Clark with Julienna.JPG 04/22/2000 Uncle Clark with Julienna
Pizza baby.JPG 04/21/2000 Pizza baby
Elijah and Julienna.JPG 04/18/2000 Elijah and Julienna
Uppercut to the chin.JPG 04/13/2000 Uppercut to the chin
Diaper head.JPG 04/07/2000 Diaper head
Great Grandma and baby.JPG 03/01/2000 Great Grandma and baby
Activity mat.JPG 02/29/2000 Laying on the activity mat
Heisman.JPG 02/25/2000 The Heisman pose
Smiling in bouncy.JPG 02/21/2000 Smiling in bouncy
Looking at daddy.jpg 02/18/2000 Looking at Daddy
Amy and baby.JPG 02/18/2000 Cousin Amy holding Julienna
Kristina with baby.JPG 01/23/2000 Julienna pulling Auntie Kristina's finger
Baby looking at Mommy 01/20/2000 Baby looking at Mommy
Dr Evil pose.JPG 01/20/2000 Dr Evil pose
Family leaving hospital.JPG 01/19/2000 Family leaving hospital
Checkout day.JPG 01/19/2000 Checkout day
Hospital with Daddy 2.jpg 01/17/2000 Julienna just 3 days old at the hospital
Julienna knows daddy's number.JPG 01/17/2000 Julienna knows Daddy's number (#5)
Dreaming of milk.JPG 01/16/2000 Dreaming of milk
Kyle, grandma and baby.JPG 01/16/2000 Kyle, Grandma Hernandez and baby
Mike and baby.JPG 01/14/2000 Uncle Mike and baby
Grandma with baby.JPG 01/14/2000 Grandma Taylor with baby
Angie with baby.JPG 01/14/2000 Auntie Angie with baby
Jess and Danny with baby.JPG 01/14/2000 Jess and Danny with baby
Vickie and baby.JPG 01/14/2000 Tia Vickie and baby
In her CHiC shirt.JPG 01/14/2000 In her CHiC shirt
First moments in mommy's arms.jpg 01/14/2000 First moments in Mommy's arms
Catching some rays.jpg 01/14/2000 Catching some rays
This ain't milk.jpg 01/14/2000 This ain't milk
Daddy in the bunny suit.jpg 01/14/2000 Daddy in the hospital gear
Ultrasound.jpg 08/27/1999 Julienna's first photo