Movie Clips


File Name Date Caption
Santa Julienna.mpg 11/2/2006 Acting like Santa in the tub
KGrad.mpg 6/14/2006 Julienna's K graduation
FlowerSong.mpg 6/14/2006 Flower song
AlphabetSign.mpg 6/14/2006 Julienna signs
DownByTheBay.mpg 6/14/2006 K Graduation song
LegoDarth.mpg 4/18/2006 Giving it to Darth Vader
BallCharge.mpg 4/17/2006 Ball charge at KBF
OffWithTheirHeads.mpg 4/16/2006 Disneyland 50th parade
6thBdaySong.mpg 1/14/2006 6th birthday party
GolfClubs.mpg 1/14/2006 Opening her golf clubs gift
IceSkating.mpg 1/14/2006 Ice skating
IceSkatingFast.mpg 1/14/2006 Ice skating drive-by
GiddyUpPumpkin.mpg 10/30/2005 Riding the pumpkin
WeLoveChips.mpg 10/30/2005 "We love chips" song
1stDaySchool.mpg 8/24/2005 Her first day at kindergarten
OffTheBus.mpg 8/24/2005 Getting off the school bus
Ballet.mpg 8/22/2005 Ballet recital
BunnyHop.mpg 8/22/2005 Ballet bunny hop
GradWalk.mpg 6/8/2005 Graduation line
PreschoolGrad.mpg 6/8/2005 Preschool graduation
MakingCookies.mpg 5/30/2005 Dropping the cookies on the sheet
MakingMagic.mpg 5/30/2005 Making cookie magic!
TooCute.mpg 5/30/2005 Baker comments on the baby sisters
StirringCookies.mpg 5/30/2005 Stirring Nestle Toll House cookies
DisneyColoring.mpg 5/30/2005 Coloring at Disneyland with Natalie
EggHunting.mpg 3/27/2005 Egg hunting with Chantel
5Candles.mpg 1/16/2005 Her 5th birthday party
BestestMom&Dad.mpg 12/25/2004 Bestest Mom & Dad ever
ChristmasBooger.mpg 12/24/2004 The Christmas Booger
WakeUpKyle.mpg 12/18/2004 Julienna tries to wake up Kyle
DivingBoard.mpg 6/26/2003 Jumping off the diving board
Graduation.mpg 6/9/2003 Preschool graduation day
WeddingDance.mpg 5/10/2003 Dancing at Juanita's wedding
Puzzle.mpg 4/14/2003 Fixing a puzzle at pre-school
Pinata.mpg 1/18/2003 Taking a swing at her pinata
3Candles.mpg 1/18/2003 Blowing out her birthday candles
ShakingBooty.mpg 11/11/2002 Shaking her booty
Genius.mpg 11/10/2002 Julienna knows her daddy
Dribble.mpg 10/31/2002 Dribbling the basketball
PumpkinCookies.mpg 10/28/2002 Sprinkling the pumpkin cookies
ChairSpin.mpg 10/13/2002 Spinning in the chair
SpyKidsDance.mpg 10/10/2002 Dancing after Spy Kids movie
MinnieBreakfast.mpg 10/7/2002 Minnie feeds Julienna breakfast
SnoopyBounce2002.mpg 10/6/2002 KBF Camp Snoopy bounce
RaceCar.mpg 10/6/2002 Race car ride with Mommy
TeaCups.mpg 10/4/2002 Family on the Tea Cups
AstroRide.mpg 10/4/2002 Astro ride with Mommy
BikeRide.mpg 9/30/2002 Riding her bike
ClimbingNet.mpg 9/15/2002 Climbing the net at Great America
Fetch.mpg 9/13/2002 Retrieving a ball
DrinkingWater.mpg 9/1/2002 Drinking at Bonfante Gardens
Pillows.mpg 7/9/2002 Jumping on the pillows
Fireworks.mpg 7/4/2002 Holding some sparklers
GoingPotty.mpg 6/25/2002 Going #1
Drums.mpg 6/22/2002 Playing the drums with Mommy
SlamDunk.mpg 6/22/2002 Air Julienna above the rim
Shuttybumbum.mpg 6/22/2002 We think this means something bad!
BlueBall.mpg 5/16/2002 Playing with the ball
JumpingJacks.mpg 4/12/2002 Trying to do jumping jacks
LegLifts.mpg 4/12/2002 Performing leg lifts
EggHunt.mpg 3/31/2002 Hunting for Easter eggs
EatingIcing.mpg 3/29/2002 Eating the icing off the Easter cookies
Tongue.mpg 3/29/2002 Exercising her tongue
KittyCat.mpg 3/23/2002 Imitating a kitty cat
CountingInSpanish.mpg 2/27/2002 Counts to 10 in Spanish
CountingInEnglish.mpg 2/27/2002 Counts to 15 in English
BlowOutCandles.mpg 1/13/2002 Julienna blows out her 2 candles
MerryGoRound.mpg 1/13/2002 Riding the Merry-Go-Round
Butterfly.mpg 1/13/2002 Playing with her butterfly balloon
DrivingJeep.mpg 1/13/2002 Driving her new Jeep
Cheese&Mark.mpg 12/26/2001 Hanging out with Mark
BarbieTruck.mpg 12/25/2001 Opening a Christmas present
Chicken.mpg 11/25/2001 Imitating a chicken
MyName.mpg 11/25/2001 I can say my name
TableHang.mpg 11/21/2001 Swinging under the table
TrickOrTreating.mpg 10/31/2001 Dorothy visits Valley Fair Mall
SnoopyBounce.mpg 9/28/2001 Playing at Camp Snoopy
Soccer.mpg 9/15/2001 Kicking the ball
PopDancing.mpg 9/13/2001 Dancing to *NSync
DACA.mpg 8/31/2001 Swimming underwater at DACA
Raspberry.mpg 8/23/2001 Performing raspberries
DenverSwing.mpg 8/11/2001 Swinging with Natalie
ScaringNatalie.mpg 8/11/2001 Julienna scares Natalie
PickupToys.mpg 8/10/2001 Picking up toys with Natalie
CameraKiss.mpg 8/10/2001 Kissing the camera
NatalieTub.mpg 8/10/2001 In the tub with her cousin Natalie
JumpingOnBed.mpg 8/7/2001 Jumping on the bed
AbSlide.mpg 8/7/2001 Working out her abs
BrushingTeeth.mpg 7/20/2001 The new Colgate commercial
TheCatch.mpg 7/17/2001 Catching the ball
BigTub.mpg 7/15/2001 Splashing in the big tub
EatingM&Ms.mpg 4/14/2001 Eating her mini M&Ms
Seahorse.mpg 3/31/2001 Riding seahorse at the park
Baptism.mpg 2/11/2001 Baptism ceremony
Circles.mpg 1/19/2001 Ring around the rosey
1stBirthdaySong.mpg 1/14/2001 Happy Birthday to Julienna
1stBirthdayCake.mpg 1/14/2001 Enjoying her 1st Birthday cake
Scooter.mpg 12/31/2000 Playing outside with Ariel
SnowWalk.mpg 12/28/2000 Walking at the Boreal Snow Park
Christmas.mpg 12/24/2000 Christmas at Nana's house
Santa.mpg 12/17/2000 Not liking Santa Claus
FirstWalk.mpg 11/18/2000 Julienna taking her first steps
Swinging.mpg 11/3/2000 Swinging at the park
BathTub.mpg 10/16/2000 Playing in the bath tub
LipSync.mpg 9/15/2000 Lip syncing her favorite song
PushingWalker.mpg 9/7/2000 Pushing her walker
HotTub.mpg 7/29/2000 Splashing in the hot tub
TheNoise.mpg 7/1/2000 Making her noise
SwingSleeping.mpg 6/14/2000 Falling asleep in her swing
Laughing.mpg 6/14/2000 Mommy making Julienna laugh
SittingUp.mpg 5/26/2000 Nana sitting Julienna up
GgmaVisit.mpg 3/2/2000 Julienna surprises Great Grandma